Rat Control In Bath

Never Have Rats Again

Rats are among the most distressing rodents to infest your property, and 80% of rat control customers move into a new or rented property, only to discover a rat problem previous occupiers were unable to get rid of.

rats wall cavities
Rats Are Common In Wall Cavities

This highlights the challenges faced. We don’t offer the standard Bait – Stink – Flies ¬†– Repeat, method of control. Every one of our customers enjoys a service that from the very outset is obsessed with permanent elimination.

If you have rats and everyone and everything tried so far has failed, you need to speak to us.

We will give you all the information needed to solve your rodent problems faster and more thoroughly than you might imagine.

Drain Inspections For Rats

Almost 90% of rats discovered or heard within a property come from damaged or redundant drains. We offer a forensic approach to drain inspection, discovering easily missed drain issues specific to rats that drain companies routinely miss.

rats cctv survey
CCTV drain investigations, target rat entry points.

CCTV drain investigations give you a chance to solve a rat problem at its source so they never return.

Insurance companies are challenging to deal with, so we try our best to guide customers through this process so they have the highest possible chance of getting expensive repair works covered under their insurance policies.

Groundworks & Drain Repairs

Once we have discovered the rats’ ingress routes into a property, we also have a team of drain specialists on hand to carry out prompt repairs.

Ground excavations and drain intervention and repair is a highly specialised process. Groundworks can be expensive, so it needs to be done properly the first time.

drain repairs rats
Drain repairs for rat control.

We know exactly what is required to solve most rat control issues, and our knowledge and expertise in this area will almost certainly save you money.

If you live in or near Bristol, please call our Bristol rat control specialists.