Moths In The House

Get Help and Get Rid Of Problem Moths

Moths are common insect pests within properties of all kinds. Commercial and residential dwellings experience moth problems with similar causes.

Accurately identifying the species of moth present can make control faster, easier and safer.

Common Reasons Behind Moth Infestation

  1. White Shouldered Moth – Bird nests, rodent droppings & food waste.
  2. Case Bearing Moth – Woollen carpets, rugs and clothing.
  3. Clothes Moths – Woollen garments, rugs and carpets
  4. Indian Meal Moth – Bird Nests, stored fruit, nuts and pulses

Moth activity always arises from neglect! Sorry, but they need time to multiply, so neglect of housekeeping in areas beneath furniture and behind doors together with effective property maintenance, pest control and healthy food rotation and storage practices give moths a distinct advantage, a head start!

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