Masonry Bees

Masonry Bees

Masonry Bee Control Advice

Masonry or mason bees are among the first bees seen in the spring sunshine as we move into summer.

A mason or masonry bee will live most of its life in the masonry of buildings going through metamorphosis into an adult bee.

Mortar between bricks is a favourite place for these bees, but they also develop in air vents, weep holes, window and door frames.

Do Masonry Bees Sting?

Yes – mason bees do sting, but this is not a serious sting when compared to social wasps or honey bees. Nevertheless, you should never underestimate these insects.

We have had numerous customers over the years who report being stung, but we have not been stung.

Do masonry Bees Produce Honey?

No – masonry bees do not produce honey and do not live in colonies like a honey bee. These insects are solitary, so do not have a queen or worker comprising a colony.

These bees live independently, but over many years, large numbers of bees might nest in the same area because the nesting material is conducive to them.

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