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Flea Control

Flea Control Services

Flea Control Treatments and Advice in Bath

When flea infestations break out in a property, it can become unbearable to spend any time in there at all. If you want to get rid of pest problems quickly, it requires the right approach.

Fleas have a lifecycle that we can intercept and interrupt with various control strategies designed to limit pesticide use in your home and office. Achieving the upper hand on fleas plaguing your house is just a phone call away

How To Control Fleas

Over many years we have developed our unique system of control that delivers a rapid reduction in flea numbers.

Because we understand the needs of fleas at a scientific level, we have greater ease controlling them.

Knowledge is power, but Knowledge with experience gives you the technical edge over these common biting parasites.

What Do Flea Bites Look Like?

Flea bites don’t show on all people. Only people with a flea bite allergy will have marked skin reactions. The flea bite image below shows raised pimple like bite marks on the skin of the victim. This is what flea bites typically look like.

cat flea bite image
Cat flea bites on an adult female.

How Can You Get Help?

Book your inspection today, for a bite-free environment. If you live in Bristol, we recommend you visit Bristol Flea Control Services.


About Bath Pest Control

About Bath pest control services are developed and applied by Simon Berenyi – Your local pest specialist.

Bath Pest is a trading name and web property of WaspKill UK, providing pest control in Bristol.

Phone: 0117 303 5181


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